We begin each project by understanding your unique environment and style of doing business. This sets the context and realistic expectations for an assessment that works for you.

Generally we follow a 5 step process that includes validation of our findings with you at each step.

Step 1 -
Information Inventory

This critical first step identifies all significant data used in your organization, including internal and external sources. We develop a classification of your information that makes the inventory manageable and meaningful.

assess the data
you have

Step 2 -
Information Requirements

Information requirements are based on operations, products and services, as well as factors such as regulatory compliance, customer expectations, competition and risk. Information needs can also be based on emotions and tacit assumptions. We use a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover all information requirements so that they can be prioritized and future-proofed with scenario-based strategies.

discover what
you need

Step 3 -
Information Technology & Skills

Information technology in use is documented and compared to benchmarks. We also review maintenance and management of the technology and data from the perspectives of cost, efficiency and risk. We assess how information is used and how information tools, such as spreadsheets and databases, are involved in decision making.

assess your technology & skills

Step 4 -
Options Analysis

Steps 1-3 provide a robust base for a detailed gap and options analysis. We develop detailed options that make strategic sense in your internal and external environments, now and for the future. These options include technology and skills as they relate to information needs.

develop comprehensive options

Step 5 -
Cost & Benefit

The cost and financial value of the information you need are developed. Much as you might prepare accounting statements in making decisions about tangible assets, we prepare statements that are used to judge the merits of options for new investment.

dollar cost
& dollar value

Putting it all together - needs & assets, technology & skills, comprehensive options, cost & benefit - in detailed reports and plain language conversation, we provide rational and defensible recommendations for change and investment.

For decisions complicated by uncertainty or large numbers of variables, we provide team-based decision-support tools to help build consensus and confidence.