asymptote is an independent company consulting in information & information technology. We help improve the financial return on information investment by resolving questions such as:

  • The cost is clear, but what is the benefit?
  • Is new software really worth it?
  • How do we justify the cost of this new system?
  • Should we buy, build or stay put?

Wise investment in information technology follows a clear understanding of the value of the information - not the other way around.

We provide clear recommendations and support for decisions about information technology. Our approach to investment, large and small, focuses on information. Based on understanding what information you need and its value to you, we provide:

  • information inventory & assessment
  • Information requirements development
  • information technology & skills assessment
  • options development & analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • decision support

asymptote has provided resources and services for information investment and management - for over 15 years.

The problem is often knowing the price of technology but only the concept of its value. Advances in information valuation has changed things, making it possible to manage information, like the asset it is.